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AOC Really Should Be Sweating Now – The Feds Are Investigating Her For Financial Discrepancies In Her PAC

Alexandria thought she hid it well enough – but the Feds are onto her…

“Queen Ocasio-Cortez” thought she would be the next big thing in Washington.

Turns out, she might be the next big thing to go bust.

The newbie representative is in waaaay over her head. Even though she’s overruled Speaker pelosi, it looks like she’s shockingly ill-equipped for the work that she does.

And now we know, for someone who is demanding more government control for campaign dollars, she doesn’t even play by her own rules!

She’s probably sweating now that they’re investigating her.

From Washington Examiner:

The Federal Election Commission is examining financial discrepancies at a political action committee that was run by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after an outside watchdog group raised questions about the group’s spending activities.

Uh-oh! Maybe you should fess up now, AOC, before the Feds comes crashing down on you.

Thanks to a watchdog group, the feds are looking into “debts” this PAC paid for AOC—debts that don’t seem to be real.

Meaning? It’s possible she got a PAC to pay for stuff—but pocketed the cash.

According to the report, AOC had insufficient debts to warrant contributions from “Justice Democrats PAC.”

“Justice.” Ironic, isn’t it?

This isn’t the first time AOC has been connected to some kind of campaign fundraising “switcheroos.” Some of her associates were in hot water over how they spent PAC money in the past.

Now it looks like she was taking money that she wasn’t entitled to. Not great, AOC.

This is a woman who wants more government oversight into everything. Including campaign financing and contributions.

That means more rules, regulations, and compliance into how candidates and PACs can spend their money. More government control.

Yet this investigation strongly suggests AOC wasn’t even following the rules that currently exist. She might have even broken the law to take cash from this PAC.

So much for more government oversight, huh?

Once again, we see a Democrat who wants one set of rules for herself and another set for everyone else.

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Source: Washington Examiner

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Pelosi Slipped Another Liberal Goody Into Her Bill – She Wants To Give Millions Through PPP To Planned Parenthood

Nancy Pelosi kept the House closed as her party developed a massive spending bill.

The $3 trillion package is supposed to battle the virus. But it includes a liberal wish list, including blue state bailouts and tax cuts for rich liberals.

And now, here is another little nugget Nance slipped into it…

From Live Action:

While the bill contains the Paycheck Protection Program, it removes safeguards preventing abortion facilities from applying to receive funds. The aid local and state governments receive from the federal government can be used to aid abortion facilities.

Wow. Pelosi’s “HEROES” bill will extend the Paycheck Protect Program, but it removes a rule that prevented Planned Parenthood from getting money.

Which means a chunk of this $3 trillion package could go to this group, and groups like it, that are despised by the conservative right.

Keep in mind, Planned Parenthood already gets a large amount of funding from the federal government.

Not to mention funding from state and local government AND private donations from liberals.

So, do they really need to take money from a program meant to save businesses struggling with lockdowns?

What does PP do that has any connection with COVID relief? Shouldn’t this money go to healthcare workers on the front lines?

The silver lining in all this is that this bill has little chance of passing in the Senate. And the White House has already promised to veto it if hell freezes over and it makes it to Trump’s desk.

But this bill is a perfect picture of Nancy’s—and the rest of the Democrats’—priorities.

While America battles to save the economy, she’s throwing money to Planned Parenthood.

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Source: Live Action

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Omar Thought She Deleted The Tweet – Then “Texas Ted” Drops His Senate Hammer

She slipped up and tried to cover it up – so Cruz brought it crashing down on her.

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After Democrats Hold Up Border Wall – Private Citizens Get The Job Done For Trump

Democrats said they had no chance – well, look at them now.

The Democrat Party has done everything possible to stop Trump’s new wall – but they never saw these guys coming.

Back in 2018 when the government was shut down to keep Trump from getting wall funds, a group called We Build The Wall said if the government wouldn’t protect our borders, its citizens would.

They raised $20 million to start building the wall with private funds. Then they went almost silent for months and people wondered whether they would ever do what they promised.

Today they just delivered in spades.

From the Washington Times:

A private group announced Monday that it has constructed a half-mile wall along a section of the U.S.-Mexico border in New Mexico, in what it said was a first in the border debate.

The section was also built faster and, organizers say, likely more cheaply than the government has been able to manage in recent years.

That’s amazing – a border wall funded by We the People.

Take that, Nancy and Chuck!

The American people believe a nation that cannot defend its borders will not be a nation for long. Open borders will lead to the destruction of our amazing nation.

That’s not what our brave men and women gave their lives for.

So we should be proud to see Americans step up and build the wall themselves. It’s our country, and we’re taking it back.

And we need to keep cheering on such acts of boldness and bravery. The border is not a safe place, and finishing the wall is a massive task.

Will you hear about this amazing accomplishment in the media? Of course not.

The only way everyone (especially liberals) will hear is if patriots get out the word.

SHARE to thank these citizens for getting the wall built!

Source: Washington Times

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